About Terra Mykonia

Our company has formed and organised regular specialised workshops with all necessary equipment. Working with external cooperators and subcontractors we apply strict evaluation criteria.

TERRA MYKONIA employs a significant number of regular personnel and a great number of cooperators depending on the nature and object of the projects undertaken (engineers, foremen, draughtsmen, administrative, legal and accounting services), as well as a great number of technicians. Our personnel is highly trained so as to successfully and consistently complete each project undertaken by our company.

TERRA MYKONIA is constantly developing; the company strives for perfection of the produced project which is based on the experience, quality and reliability offered, as well as the good and direct relationship achieved with its customers, cooperators and suppliers, but also between our employees.

TERRA MYKONIA is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

STRATEGY and Values


The company has the necessary infrastructure so as to develop construction projects of unique quality, meeting at the same time all strict schedule and financial specifications. The protection of the environment, as well as our continuous research and information on new materials and techniques are fields of primary importance for TERRA MYKONIA which has intense sense of social responsibility.


TERRA MYKONIA has established longstanding cooperation with well-known business groups, whereas the Company's development policy establishes new perspectives for its direct participation in the assumption of public works, certificated contractor, as well as actively engage in the area of Renewable Energy Source.


TERRA MYKONIA has undertaken and excelled in the completion of a great number of projects, thus establishing its corporate name in the demanding sector of construction; this fact encourages us to continue offering our services vigorously in the modern market.


If you are interested in cooperating with TERRA MYKONIA, send your CV to: info@terramykonia.gr